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How Do I Know Which Gold Investment Company To Use?

With the price of gold fluctuating, you need to ensure that you’re investing in the best company. You also need to know how they hold their shares, how they produce and sell, who their target audience is, what else they are focused on besides gold – and if there’s a customer service line.

How Do I Know Which Gold Investment Company To Use?

1. Research The Company

First, you should figure out what kind of company it is. Is it mining, exploring or dealing company? To begin your research, start on the web at www.nysc.org to find their corporate office address and contact information. From there, call their corporate offices and ask who their top shareholders are and what percentage of the company they own. You should also ask them who are their target customers; if they tell you that they sell gold to anyone and everyone, then you know that they don’t specialize in anything in particular.

2. Look At How The Company Is Held & If they Offer Gold IRAs

A public company should be registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. If the company doesn’t do this, it is a private company (which means that you probably cannot buy shares through a broker, and you can’t hold them at banks or credit unions.) When it comes to a public company, you want to know its stock symbols and how they are traded. You also want to know who their major shareholders are, including individual investors or other companies. If the company isn’t listed on a stock exchange, it’s probably not a public company.

Also, do they offer gold IRAs? We have a list of the best gold IRA companies if you are interested in that option.

3. Look At How The Company Is Produced And Sold

Next, please research the company to learn how much of the gold they buy is from the ground and other sources, such as recycled gold and recycled jewelry. It will help you determine if their production is sustainable or not. A handy section on their website should tell you what they are producing and where they are buying their gold from.

4. Look At Target Customers

You should also determine if the company sells to an exclusive or a non-exclusive market. If they are not exclusive, they sell gold to whoever will have it – which might be shady people or countries. On the other hand, Exclusive companies might only sell to banking institutions and bullion dealers because they want to focus on their customer’s needs instead of everyone else’s.

5. Look At What Other Things The Company Focuses On

You want to ensure that you are investing in a company with sustainable practices in terms of environmental impact and employment opportunities. In addition, you should also ensure that the company you are investing in is focused on the best possible price for their gold – and not on making a profit. In other words, what do they know about metals and economics?

6. Check Out Any Customer Service Line

You should also check out the company’s website to see if they have any customer service lines or whether they have a 24/7 phone number to help you with your questions. If so, ensure that the phone number is staffed at all hours of the day and night. You should call around and see how long it takes to get through to whoever answers the phone.

7. Read The Company’s Annual Report

If you’re serious about investing in gold at the right company, then you should also read the company’s annual report for the previous year. It should include financial statements and reports that discuss where the company is going and its plans – as well as information about its employees and mining operations.

8. Make Sure That They Met Any Government Standards

You should also ensure that the company you are considering investing in meets all government standards regarding paying their employees and running their business, paying taxes, offering retirement plans for their workers and ensuring that they comply with all local labor legislation laws. You should also ensure that the company is not involved in illegal or unethical business practices.

9. Make Sure That The Company Is Not Too Large

You don’t want to be investing in a company that has too much money, either because it threatens to buy out all of the world’s major gold companies or because it can potentially monopolize the market if they are too big and powerful.

10. Invest in Quality Not Size

The final thing you should look for before investing in a gold company is the quality of the stock. You want to find a company that has experienced steady growth over the past few years and has been making profits consistently. You also want to ensure that they have enough gold reserves and other assets to tide them over through times when prices are extremely low – and you want to see historically consistent financial statements.

The Gold Investment Club is fully aware of the problems people face with gold investment companies such as It’s Gold, Puresource and many others. In other words, these companies are not established in countries like New Zealand and Australia. Therefore, you can’t get reliable confirmation whether these companies have been properly investigated. In addition, there are a lot of different opinions about the reliability of gold investment companies like It’s Gold, Pure Source and others. You will have to do your research before investing in one of these gold investment companies.

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The electronic cigarette is a battery operated device that heats up liquid nicotine stored in a cartridge inside the cigarette which late produces a  water vapor that when inhaled by an individual goes to the lungs and has no significant risk or health hazard to its lungs unlike the ordinary tobacco cigarette that harm the lungs.

The electronic cigarette has no proven side effects of any kind and is not classified as a drug distributor under the food and drug administration thus it avoids legislation and it cannot be labeled as a health hazard. Manufactures and producers of the e-cigarette do not want the e-cigarette classified the same as the ordinary cigarette since this will subject the manner in which it is advertised and who can be allowed to buy them. The Electronic cigarettes are cheaper than the normal cigarette given the fact that they are not taxed as ordinary cigarettes. The fact that they are also reusable gives it a better advantage since for replacement of the e-cigarette; about a hundred puffs have to be taken.

Recent research has shown that a lot of middle and high school children are taking to smoking the electronic cigarette with 2million students preferring to smoke it.  This is a matter of concern to health experts who believe that the liking of the e-cigarette by the younger adults could spark a liking to the tobacco cigarette and probably birth the use of it and possible nicotine addiction.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is now being tolerated if not welcomed indoors and even on airplanes. The device which produces vapor that is less noticeable and does not involve smoking flames can be used indoors and even most recently on aircraft planes. This however is being met by challenges with most areas banning the smoking of e-cigarettes citing that elements in the vapor may cause respiratory diseases. The department of transport in United States plans to produce rules prohibiting the use of the electronic cigarettes.

Using an E-cigarette is known as vaping. Long term use of the device has proved harmful to the user with research also showing that it is not also suitable for pregnant women because nicotine passes through  the placenta .Studies have shown that these additives are not harmful is little amounts but when taken in heavy doses can turn harmful.

The electronic cigarette is expensive to purchase but once bought it can be reused a lot if it’s one of the best e cigs.

The electronic cigarette was first made in China and further was produced in United States and Europe. It is now a billion dollar industry with a lot of individuals preferring it from the ordinary tobacco cigarette. The cigarette has less harmful chemicals as compared to the ordinary cigarette.

The e- cigarette has been highly advertised by celebrities and doctors alike and is seen as   a best option to reducing the risk of getting lung cancer. There is an unknown that is somehow a threat and worry to the users of the electronic cigarette. It is the fact that the cigarette is also addictive and studies show that smokers, who use the electronic cigarette, when they tried to quit, either became attached to vaping or went back to smoking tobacco cigarettes. In other words, the electronic cigarette is a way to reduce the chances of getting lung cancer but is not a very helpful way to quitting smoking altogether.

This revelation has left many in speculation of the electronic cigarette of whether it is really a solution to the quitting menace or just a cushion to the real looming threat of addiction to cigarette smoking. The electronic cigarette does not necessarily help one to quit smoking instead it keeps users in a state of thinking they are doing it right but the guilt that one is still a smoker is still evident since the main goal is to quit smoking altogether.

A positive to be drawn from all this is that the electronic cigarette although not quite effective in weaning users to quit smoking, it is an effective tool to averting the attention of tobacco cigarette smokers into trying something new that can be of help and probably save their lives in the process.

Best Of All Time

Shopping for e- liquids is not an easy task as one may think. Just like when shopping for a wedding outfit when you do not know which one will fit well in taste, color etc. However, if one knows what they really want it can be the easiest and most fun thing to do! You are the smoker therefore; you should know the kind of experience you want to feel. If you want to reach cloud nine, you have no choice but to get the best e-liquid.

The following list will enable you to be adventurous while making your choice.

Apollo E-liquid

Apollo is slowly making a name for its self. It has the highest USP grade PG (propylene glycol) and VP (vegetable glycerin). There is no added water or alcohol in the e liquid. This is one of the most amazing flavors available in a new unique five pack with assorted flavors to pick from. Most people prefer the banana flavor or pina colada. However if you want the traditional tobacco flavor taste, you can trust Apollo to give you that experience at a price of 9$ or less. Classic and affordable if you have not apollo have it in mind the next time you want something adventurers.

Angel E- liquids

The older the wine the sweeter it tastes! This is the only way to describe angel electric juice. Most smokers prefer the caramel flavor; they all claim that it gives them the real experience and enjoyment they yearn for. The quality is just the best, not to mention the best favors are from angel’s electric liquids. The throat-hit experience is one of a kind that you do not want to forget for as long as possible. The liquid is not hard to use unlike other liquids that are complicated to use and refill.

South beach E-liquid

Ever since the manufacturing of e- liquids, south beach has always been among the top. Thanks to their manufacturing high standards that are fashionable and epic. The quality also meets the needs of the consumer to the peak. It is the only brand of e liquid that gives you a catalogue to choose their variety flavors. South beach e- liquid knows that you are a parent to ever-curious children who may try out something naughty like taste your e liquid. Therefore, they have designed children proof bottles! Have south beach in your arsenal in the next shopping of e liquid. Moreover, you will never regret not even once.

Cigees E-liquid

If you are cigees fan, you will definite be delighted to know that your brand is among the top e- liquids. The best characteristic about this e- liquid is the lack of “dry throat” like other e- liquids produce. It has a smooth throat hit in all its flavors. It has more than fourteen flavors that you can choose from.

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